About Us

GLB was created to enhance the things that make us unique, not just as a woman, but a black woman in modern society.

When I created GLB, I ultimately wanted to create a versatile product that any and everyone could wear. My hair is relaxed/permed, and during quarantine my natural growth made me consider how I would look if I let my kinks grow out. So, I decided to find a product that came close to kinky hair as possible, just so I could try it out. Fast forward to now, it was an effortless fit. Whenever I wore my bundles/wig in a fro or defined curls, I felt bolder, I felt seen, I felt more like me. Overtime, my vision for GLB transformed into something different and closer to home.

GLB intends to normalize the luxury in wearing our textured hair, whether it’s relaxed or natural. We are normalizing hair that looks and acts like it’s ours.

Let me end this here by saying, thank you for considering GLB. If you’re looking for the lax to your kinks or the kinks to your style then shop here.

Our business is based in Jamaica, but we cater to Luxe Queens worldwide. We intend to be as transparent as possible, so please make sure you check out our policy page before you shop.

Enjoy the difference.


Brand and business owner, GLB